Enter for a chance to become a Founding Creator of one of the first NFT VR 3D animated series, where viewers may join the Adôn Cosmonauts in their avatars.
How does the DAO Work?
Digitalist Hub is introducing a contest for screenwriters and NFT artists to become the Founding Creators of one of the first NFT VR 3D animated series, “The Adôn Cosmonauts.” As a winner, you will have ownership of your creations, which you will be able to sell and trade on blockchain marketplaces.
What Makes Our DAO Unique?
  • The Founding Creators will develop a T.V. series in which viewers can customize their avatars and become characters. 
  • Digitalist Hub will promote the winners' work on TikTok,  other social media platforms,  media websites, and blogs. Industry professionals will review their work as well.
  • NFT artists submit their greatest artwork, and the winners will design the planets; the Anulim Gods, aliens, creatures, the Adôn Cosmonauts, and the entire universe.  
  •  Sci-fi/fantasy screenwriters submit their best sci-fi/fantasy screenplays (up to 20 pages), and the winners will write the pilot and episodes of the Series. 
  • The winners will receive the complete information about the Series to begin developing it. 
A Project with True Heart and Soul

We are building a VR interactive 3D animated series on blockchain technology. Our Series will allow the viewers to participate in the making and expansion of the Series while monetizing their engagement and garnering ownership of their creations.  Viewers can customize their avatar and become characters, joining the cosmonauts on their epic adventures to the seven planets of the Anulim Gods (Anunnaki Gods) and redeem the "Wonders of the Universe," which carry unimaginable powers.  They may also have the option to choose the avatar of any character and experience the journeys through the characters’ eyes.

The goal is to create the seven planets of the Anulim Gods. The winners will become the Founding Creators of our community to bring the Series to life. In addition, we will build a fanbase that will go nuts for the NFT collectibles that the winners make.
The Founding Creators will design the planets, the Anulim Gods, aliens, creatures, and the Adôn Cosmonauts; write the pilot, the episodes, and manifest this universe.  Besides creating new characters, artists may also submit their existing characters to the contest and join the Series.

For example, NFT communities of astronauts may embark on these cosmic voyages on the Adôn spaceship and an Anulim God will train them to defeat enemies. Aliens and creatures  can occupy any of the planets as well. These characters will come to life in the Series as guest stars. 

Sci-fi screenwriters will find their voices and write exciting relationships, battles, and adventures. Countless stories are waiting to be discovered within this ecosystem.

The Founding Creators will have ownership over the entire planetary system, with the ability to "lease" homes to any character that wishes to settle on any planet or travel on the Adôn Spaceship with the cosmonauts. 

Our community is a creative platform for you to unleash your full potential as an artist. Welcome to the Anulimverse...

  • “No Purchase Necessary”
  • ​“Purchase does not enhance chance of winning”
  • ​“Void where prohibited”
  • ​Eligibility requirements:  NFT sci-fi/fantasy artists,  sci-fi/fantasy screenwriters only.
  • ​Our team will accept submissions from August 15 - October 31. We will notify the winners on November 15 . 
  • ​ The board members (judges)  will review your work, and they will NOT distribute it.  We will sign an NDA for your protection.  
  • ​The board members (judges) will select seven winners from each category. Even if you don't win, they will provide feedback.
How we will succeed
  • Founder Profile
  • Product/Service Profile
  • ​Hurdles 
  • Interrelationship and coexistence between the brands' main characters
  • ​How to overcome conflicts and/or struggles
  • How the solution positively impacts the product/service or the community
  • Tips from experts around different industries
  • ​Reviews from strangers: we captivate people's opinions 
Valerie Khoudari - Filmmaker | Producer
Valerie is based in North Hollywood. At a young age, she discovered her passion for writing fairy tales. While studying photography, Valerie decided to transform her stories into visual content, and earned degrees in Filmmaking, Cinematography and Screenwriting in New York and Los Angeles. Since then, she has produced, written and directed several award winning films that have participated in film festivals around the globe. She currently is one of the Executive Producers of  "Dakkar", a film in development by producers of "Life of Pi" and "Slumdog Millionaire." 
Enrique Pedraza-Botero - Visual Artist | Filmmaker
He served as Manager of Sundance Institute's Documentary Film Program for five years, running creative labs (Edit and Story Lab, Music and Sound Design Lab, Art of Editing Lab) and international programs, as well as contributing to awarding $1-2 million/year in unrestricted grants to documentary filmmakers globally. He has worked with other arts organizations, such as Film Independent and Ambulante Documentary Film Festival and has served in numerous selection committees for nonprofit institutions and media funds in the U.S. and Latin America. He’s also a freelance writer and film curator. Enrique holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film & Television from the New York Film Academy and is an MFA Candidate in Documentary Film at Stanford University.
Nadzeya Huselnikava - Film | Producer
Born and raised in Belarus, Nadzeya has brought two cultures and two countries together by combining the advanced Hollywood practices and originality of Belarus to create a unique and budget friendly content for global appeal. As a result, Nadzeya produced a WW2 action drama “Enemy Lines” ( Ed Westwick, John Hannah), which was sold to 15 countries, including USA to Apple TV and Amazon; she co-produced a psychological drama “Hidden Inside,” AKA “Vnutri Sebya” (Russian language film). She co-produced a documentary “Debut”, which presented Belarus for the Oscars competition 2019. She also produced several short films, commercials and shares  EP credit for the film “Dakkar”- a film in development by producers of Slumdog Millionaire" and "Life of Pi."
JD Rico - CEO Q.I. - Editor Digitalist Hub
He is the Founder of Holistics International in 2009, R-K in 2014, and Q.I. in 2022! With investments in #digitalmedia, #mediatech, #civictech, #VOC, #wellness, #CPG and #RnD. 

He is currently focused on artificial intelligence applications, DAOs and BioHacking.
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